asthma coalition

helping utah breathe easy

our objective

is simple. We are here to help asthmatics and their families manage their condition. While our mission is simple, the challenge is huge. Recent studies show that less than 7% of asthma patients properly use inhalers. The results can be missing school or work, hospitalization, or even death. Really, none of these consequences have to occur, all it takes is sticking to the proper instruction from medical professionals and these terrible things can be avoided. Simple as that.

our plan

is lean and powerful. Our first action is the Breathe Easy: In Our Schools Intiative. Studies point to partnering with schools to identify and treat asthma as a very effective tool to improve health. A few minutes with our awesome nurses can help students prevent loss of school days due to asthma related illness. This is all free to families with children with asthma. We believe that we improve the health of our neighbors and our children. We also reduce unnecessary hospital visits and thus hospital bills, either coming out of the pocket of families or taxpayers. In the end, we want to kids to spend less time worrying about their asthma and worry more about being a kid.

The tools are available to patients, we just want to help them use them to manage asthma.


A number of great online resources are available to parents and children who are affected by asthma in their lives. The American Lung Association is very involved in asthma related causes and have a number of resources that can help to educate and engage any age group.

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Find out more or join our coalition by emailing contact@breatheeasyutah.org.

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